My journey as a professional photographer started with three people - My best friend Amanda who enlisted me to be her photographer, my mom who bought me my first DSLR camera, and AJ, who despite my fear of failure created my first website and became my biggest fan and supporter! I would not be on this incredible journey had it not been for the friends and family that have supported me along the way. It's been one heck of a ride! I’ve been featured on family, wedding, and travel blogs and my work has been on Oprah’s Masterclass, the Golden Globes, and the Oscars!! It’s all thanks to the support that I’ve received from you guys! That’s why I am so excited to serve as your photographer friend.


I’ve created this page to go over the process of booking a session with me as my friends and family because it’s a little different than how I normally book sessions. As you know, I am currently in nursing school and still working with the Robert Duvall Children’s Fund (RDCF). As a result, I have had to limit the number of weddings and photography sessions that I am able to take while I complete the program. Before I book anything, I go through the following questions:


  • Can I give 100% if myself to this session/wedding? Will I be able to respond to their emails within 24-48 hours? Will I be to edit their images within a 1-2 week timeframe?

  • Will my other professional and academic obligations (school, RDCF) suffer as a result of my taking this session?

  • Will I miss the only available time I have that week with my husband, friends, or family in order to take this session?

  • Do we need a little extra financial support this month, especially with me not working consistently or full-time?


I know this may seem like a lot of information to share and you may be wondering why I am sharing it. I have found it difficult to address questions regarding pricing with my friends and family. It’s been challenging to find the line between being a business owner and a friend, especially when considering the above. But I didn't realize just how important it was until a good friend who had requested my services sent me a check and a note that read:


“Thank you for…. I know you said that you didn’t feel comfortable charging us your full session price but we support you and your business. We are happy to support your work and have loved seeing your growth”. 


I cannot tell you how touched I was by this! I also realized that because of my inability to treat my business as a business with friends, it has created some confusion, and let’s face it, awkwardness. For that I am so sorry! So I’ve created this page in order to help me to not only provide you with the professionalism you deserve, but also as my way to thank you for your support!

I am super excited to offer my friends and family a credit towards the following packages:

















Please note that the above packages do not include tax or the cost of travel for sessions over a 50-mile radius.



All sessions are booked on HONEYBOOK for super easy access to agreements, files, and payment information.


A nonrefundable deposit is required to book a session.

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