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I remember those two words that sent me into a panic ten days before my wedding day, “rain possible.” I thought, NO! It just can’t! I had planned every single detail of our wedding and rain was not a part of it. Yes, we had a rain plan, but that’s like buying life insurance, you don’t ACTUALLY think it’s going to happen. Afterward, I realized that the most important thing on our wedding day wasn’t the weather or any other detail. It was our marriage, our friends, and our families. As long as they were there, nothing else mattered.


Still, I understand my couples when they reach out regarding “possible rain.” I think one of the biggest disappointments about rainy wedding days is the idea that the photos won’t be as dreamy. And that’s where I come in. You see, the trick to great photos is to enjoy your day. If you’re having a great time, your joy will fill my camera lens with more intensity than a bright and sunny day on any other day of the year.


Here are four tips to help you prepare for a “possibly rainy” wedding day. Who knows, you may even find yourself hoping for a little cloud or two.  



It sounds impossible, but I promise it's worth it! Believe it or not, rainy wedding days are some of my favorites. The even lighting creates gorgeous images, and there's something extra romantic about kissing under an umbrella. I'm always willing to go out in the rain so long as it's safe, and I can keep my equipment relatively dry. Trust me; I was prepared to shoot in a hurricane once, I’ve got you covered! Cameras can handle much more than most people know. I also have extra rain gear and helping hands to make this happen.



Your loved ones want your wedding day to be perfect as much as you do. So by embracing your day as it is, your family and friends will follow suit and do everything in their power to make it epic! Even standing next to you smiling in the rain while you share your vows.



We can't work miracles, but we come very close! Talk about rain plans with your vendors and trust that they have your back. As hard as it is to believe, your hair and makeup can handle a little humidity. I have no idea how hair/makeup artists do it, it’s magic!


Your dress/tux will also survive a little rain, and your flowers will enjoy a little extra water. Also, know that some of the hardest working members of your vendor team will be from your venue and caterer as they do whatever they can to accommodate changes. Having an event coordinator will help tremendously with this! Choose a strong vendor team, and trust that they have you covered! All you have to do is enjoy your day, and everything else will fall into place.



You won't regret it! Did you had fireworks planned? Cool! Move ahead with them if you can. Did you want to dance outside under the stars? Why not dance in the rain under the clouds?


True story: a friend of a friend was married the weekend before me in a hurricane. It wasn’t planned, and their venue was a waterfront venue. Her wedding made it into a well-known bridal magazine because, together with their bridal party, they went out in the hurricane with their photographer to capture some of the most incredible wedding images I’ve seen. IT. WAS. BRILLIANT. Even the Coast Guard stepped in with some props. To top it off, they changed their signature drink to “hurricanes.” From what I heard, EVERYONE had an incredible time! Seriously guys. If it rains, have fun with it. It’s your day, make it epic!

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